Terms & conditions of the Fáilte Ireland contributor agreement

Terms & conditions of the Fáilte Ireland contributor agreement

Our contributor agreement sets out the terms and conditions for how we use your information on Discoverireland.ie and Ireland.com. Each applicant receives a full pdf version of the contributor agreement via email as part of the submission process.

It is your responsibility to read it carefully and accept its contents before your application can be processed.


Holiday makers at home and abroad trust Fáilte Ireland and Discover Ireland to provide them with exciting, relevant and accurate information to help them plan their holiday in Ireland.

The contributor agreement will allow us to improve the quality of this information by setting out basic terms and conditions for how it should be managed. This brief summary explains the main terms and conditions of the contributor agreement.

Your listing

To make sure that potential visitors get the information they need about your business or event, you should always include the following in your listing:

  • A photograph that creates a good first impression of your business or event
  • A short description or teaser that makes someone want to learn more about your business or event
  • A long description where you describe the unique features of your business or event
  • Up-to-date contact details so people can get in touch with you.


  1. A contributor agreement must be completed before a business can be listed on the Tourism Content System (TCS).

  2. A listing will only be published when the following elements have been submitted to Fáilte Ireland using the appropriate contribution method: a short description of the business or event; a long description of the business or event; a photograph, which adequately represents the business or event; and/or up-to-date consumer contact details for the business or event.

  3. Your business must comply with all applicable planning, tax, insurance (including public liability insurance) transportation (including licensing), safety, consumer protection and other legal and regulatory requirements.

  4. Blood sports including coursing or hunting are not promoted in any Fáilte Ireland publications.

  5. No content will be accepted if it discriminates against any sector of society. This includes but is not limited to any reference that could be considered discriminatory on the basis of gender, marital status, family status, sexual orientation, religion, age, disability, race, or membership of the Traveller community.

  6. Complaints and copyright infringements are dealt with through Fáilte Ireland’s Notice and Takedown Policy.

  7. Fáilte Ireland will give 14 days (two weeks) notice to operators of any organisational policy changes that may affect their listing. Fáilte Ireland’s decisions on these policy changes are final and not subject to appeal.

Before we can promote your business or event, you must be in compliance with any relevant planning, tax, insurance (including public liability insurance) transportation (including licensing), safety, consumer protection and other legal and regulatory requirements.

Copyright of your listing (intellectual property rights)

When you accept the Contributor Agreement, you give us a licence to use your listing to promote your business or event on our promotional websites and in printed material. Please make sure you own the copyright or that you have the permission of the copyright owner to use any content you send us, including text, photographs and videos.

Sharing your listing (syndication)

By accepting the Agreement, you also give us permission to share your listing with other organisations so that your business or event can gain a bigger audience.

User generated content

Fáilte Ireland and any syndication partners may allow users to post comments and opinions about the content on their websites, which may include your listing. This ‘user generated content’ is extremely popular with holiday makers and its word-of-mouth nature can be hugely beneficial to your business.

Submitting content for your listing

Your listing will promote your business to an audience of millions of potential visitors, both in Ireland and abroad, so you should be sure that it shows your business or event in the best possible light. To help you do this, we may edit the content you send us to fit our editorial guidelines, which we have developed to get the most from online listings. We will also contact you to review and approve your listing before it is published so you can make any changes you want.

Keeping your listing up-to-date

A good listing is a great way to promote your business online so it’s important that you keep your content up-to-date and accurate. We can correct any mistakes quickly and easily if you contact us as soon as you notice them. It’s also very important that your content meets our standards (you can find full details in the Contributor Agreement) and is not misleading, offensive or illegal in any way.


We are committed to providing high-quality listings to Discover Ireland users, so if we receive a complaint about your listing that we think could be valid, we must take it seriously. First, we will contact you and give you an opportunity to respond. In the meantime, we may take your listing down while we investigate the issue. When we reach a final decision, we will either publish your listing or remove it from our system.

View our Notice and Takedown Policy

Changes to the TCS

If we change the way information in the TCS is used during the term of this agreement, we will let you know how these changes will affect your listing.