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    Your approach to food tourism can be enriched by research and innovation into emerging trends and best practice. We have created a series of resources to help you manage the challenges and changes that are happening in the food industry. 

    Food trail development guidelines

    310-120 FineDiningLimerick

    Food trails are designed to provide visitors with a way to experience the food and drink of a destination. Read the guidelines to learn more about developing new and enhancing existing food trails.

    Download the Food Trail Development Guidelines [pdf, 16MB]

    Consumer behaviour research

    320x120 Nano-Nagle Food

    View the latest reports on food consumer behaviour.

    Read the latest research

    Benchmarking international best practice in markets

    400 borough-market

    Learn more about the best practice recommendations for international food tourism markets.

    Download the international markets case study [pdf, 5.4 mb]

    Enhancing recreational trails through food & drink

    320 GalgormSpaGolfResort- meal

    Use this supplement to gather practical and actionable insights to enhance recreational trails (e.g. Greenways & Blueways) through food and drink.

    Download the Enhancing Recreational Trails Through Food and Drink supplement [pdf, 7MB]

    Future trends and global best practice


    Learn, grow and stay up to date with best practice and new trends.

    Learn more about the latest food trends