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Checklist: Making the most of your Local Greenway


The success of this support and your work with Fáilte Ireland will in turn help:

> Enhance the experience for the visitor

> Raise the profile of your local Greenway

> Increase visitor numbers and spend to your local area

> Encourage more overnight stays in the local area

> Extend the season into the spring and autumn months

Use this action plan checklist to make the most of experience development, Fáilte Ireland supports, sales and marketing and collaboration.

Download the Action Plan Checklist [pdf, 981kb]

Webinar: Making the most of your local Greenway

Greenway tourism opportunities

The development of a greenway in your local area presents opportunities to gain new business from locals, domestic visitors and international visitors. This webinar is designed to give you the tools and tips to make the most of your local greenway and ultimately increase your visitor numbers.

What topics are covered in the webinar?

  • The tourism landscape​
  • Understanding visitor needs (domestic and overseas )
  • National Greenways Strategy​
  • Your Local Authority’s role in Greenway Development​
  • Testimonials from Great Western Greenway and Waterford Greenway​
  • Promoting your Greenway Visitor Experience
  • Accompanying ‘Action Plan Checklist’ to get you started
This webinar will be of interest to local businesses and community groups that already have a tourism offering or those that can develop a new one around a local greenway: for example, accommodation providers, activity providers, visitor attractions, cafés, restaurants, pubs, local shops, tour guides and bike shops.