About the EU Just Transition Fund

About the EU Just Transition Fund

What is the EU Co-funded Just Transition Fund? 

The purpose of the EU Just Transition Fund (EUJTF), co-funded by the Government of Ireland and the European Union, is to assist the territories most affected by the transition to a climate neutral economy. In Ireland this focuses on the wider Midlands region where there have been direct impacts from the move away from peat production and electricity generation from peat. We need to establish sustainable ways to support the livelihoods of the communities around Ireland’s raised bogs, while helping these unique natural habitats to recover and thrive. 

What is Fáilte Ireland’s Regenerative Tourism and Placemaking Scheme? 

Under the EU Just Transition Fund, Fáilte Ireland has been tasked with the administration of €68 million for a Regenerative Tourism and Placemaking Scheme 2023-2026. Through this scheme Fáilte Ireland will invest in the sustainable development of tourism in the Midlands with the aim of diversifying the regional economy by creating jobs, supporting habitats and biodiversity and sustaining communities.  

There are two main elements to the overall scheme: 

  1. €38m towards the diversification of the regional economy through the sustainable development of tourism; 
  2. €30m towards the regeneration and repurposing of peatlands through the development of a network of trails. 

The overall scheme will be delivered through a range of funding programmes, which will run in parallel between now and the end of 2026, as follows: 

A: Trail Network Development Scheme (delivered primarily through Bord na Mona) 

B: Investment Grant-Aid Scheme for SMEs 

C & D: Investment Grant-Aid Scheme for Local Authorities and certain State Agencies 

E: Appointment of County Tourism Activators to Local Authorities  

F: Enterprise Supports Scheme (Launching in October)

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