Other EU Just Transition Fund Schemes

Other EU Just Transition Fund Schemes

Scheme A: Trail Network Development Scheme 

The main intervention under this scheme will be the development of universally accessible ‘rollable’ cycle trails on former industrial peatlands across public lands in EU Just Transition territory. This will include new trail developments as well as upgrades to existing trails to significantly improve the user experience.  All trail developments will be delivered in line with the principles of the Midlands Trail Network toolkit which at a minimum will link two hubs (towns, villages, visitor attractions etc.). 
Trail Network developments realised under the EU Just Transition Fund for Ireland will seek to give proof of concept to a longer-term ambition to develop a Midlands Trail Network connecting established arterial routes such as the Royal & Grand Canal Greenways, The Old Rail Trail and the Dublin-Galway Greenway. The ambition for this connected trail network will be to firmly establish the Midlands as a compelling destination for outdoor activities, supporting the creation of new jobs in ancillary and related activities e.g bike hire, hospitality services, visitor attractions and activities.
This intervention will be a key stimulus to encourage new investments and expansion by SMEs and community groups in the hinterland of the trail network developments. 

Scheme B: Open Call Investment Grant-Aid Scheme for Private & Community SMEs  

The purpose of the scheme is to deliver grant-aid to private and community-based micro enterprises and SMEs to help them improve the quality of the visitor experience within the Territory with the ambition of attracting more visitors, increasing their dwell time, and securing overnight stays in the Territory because the visitor has confidence that there’s lots to see and do. This will create new jobs in local communities and grow the visitor economy while pursuing net positive benefits for biodiversity. Click here to find out more about this scheme.

Schemes C and D: Investment Grant-Aid Scheme for Strategic Partners (State Agencies and Local Authorities)  

The purpose of these schemes is to deliver grant-aid to relevant State Agencies and the eight Local Authorities within the Just Transition Territory to deliver improved tourism infrastructure, facilities and visitor experiences, including those that can be leveraged by the private and community sectors. In line with Scheme B, these Schemes will focus on the areas of Visitor Experience Improvement, Digital Transformation, Digital User Experience, Accessibility and Sustainability & Regenerative Tourism.   

Scheme E: Tourism Activators Scheme  

Given the fact that the Midlands of Ireland is at the early stages of destination maturity and, as such, is relatively underdeveloped in terms of tourism experiences, there is a need to ensure that the JTF investment is supported by a measure to enhance the capacity and capability of the industry. To address this, it is, therefore, proposed to provide funding to appoint one full-time or part-time Tourism Activator in each of the eight participating County Councils (Roscommon, Longford, Westmeath, Offaly, Laois, Kildare, Galway and Tipperary) within the JTF Territory in order to build capacity within private and community-based micro enterprises and SMEs and establish a series of high performing tourism business clusters and networks. The proposed scheme will involve the following:  

The appointment of 8 County Tourism Activators (1 per JTF county or part-county with a mix of full-time and part-time roles.  

The creation of a JTF Tourism Activator Network, facilitated by Fáilte Ireland and comprising the County Tourism Activators  will help ensure consistency and shared learnings within the team of Activators.  

Scheme F: Open Call Enterprise Supports Scheme

This scheme provides access to a fully funded tailored programme of tourism skills, capability building and supports for new and existing tourism enterprises and individuals transitioning to tourism in the territory to drive productivity.  The Tourism Learning Network Programme is open to to private, public and community-based micro enterprises, public agency partner staff and their agents of Scheme A,C & D, as well as previous staff of Bord na Móna and ESB Networks previously involved in Peat Production and Electricity generation who wish to transition to a career in tourism, to access a flexible range of learning in 5 key areas: 1. Understanding Tourism 2. Business for Growth 3. Digital & Tech 4. Accessible Tourism for All 5. Sustainable Business Practices. In summary the programme will allow businesses and tourism services in the territory, to upskill themselves and their teams to leverage tourism as a growth driver for the territory and for business. In short, businesses and their teams, will be engaged to be better, more visible, and successfully develop and win more business. This will support the creation of new jobs in the sector and contribute to growing the visitor economy. Further details of the programme can be found here.      

Scheme G: Smart Tourism Partnership Scheme  

The details of this scheme have not yet been finalised and will be announced in early 2024.