EU Just Transition Tourism Learning Network Programme

EU Just Transition Tourism Learning Network Programme

The EU Just Transition Tourism Learning Network Programme is a collaborative learning programme for the successful development of regenerative tourism in the EU Just Transition Territory. Whether you're embarking on a new tourism venture, expanding your existing business, representing a community enterprise, a public agency, or considering a fresh career in tourism, this opportunity is tailored for you.   

Our fully sponsored programme, led by best-in-class tourism industry specialists, provides professional learning and development to guide you to achieve tourism growth in a commercial, equitable, socially responsible and environmentally sustainable way. Engage in inspirational seminars, structured learning, and benefit from invaluable insights to develop a successful and sustainable tourism business or propel your personal career in the tourism sector.

This programme is open to tourism businesses within the EU Just Transition territory including: 

Private, public and community-based micro enterprises and SMEs from the following sectors: 
  • Visitor experiences – including attractions, activities & day tours 
  • Accommodation providers 
  • Golf Courses 
  • Destination Marketing Organisations/Visitor Information
  • Tourism Transport Service Providers  
  • Public Agency Partner staff involved in tourism Infrastructure/public realm projects (Scheme C&D funding applicants) – Coillte,Waterways Ireland, OPW, Local Authorities 
  • Individual applicants who are past employees of ESB Networks and Bord na Móna who live or operate in the EU Just Transition Territory, considering a career in tourism.

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The prospectus should be read in conjunction with the State Aid handbook

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Our first round of Expression of Interest for the EU Just Transition Tourism Learning Network Programme has concluded. Our next round will re-open in Autumn 2024. If you require any further information please contact

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  • 1. What is the objective of the EU Just Transition Tourism Learning Network Programme?
  • The programme is designed to support businesses in developing their business capability for success and to support individual applicants transitioning to a career in tourism, previously employed by ESB Networks involved in ESB generation with fossil fuels, or Bord na Móna peat production. The programme aims to grow and future proof sustainable tourism development in the Just Transition territory, by providing access to a fully funded learning and business development programme to build business capability and professional skills.  

  • 2. Who is the EU Just Transition Tourism Learning Network Programme for?
  • It is for eligible applicants in the EU Just Transition territory who are:  

    • Starting a tourism business  
    • Expanding a current tourism business  
    • Managing or working in a not-for-profit enterprise, charity, community, or social enterprise involved or servicing tourism and/or visitors 
    • Employees of strategic partner organisations involved in infrastructure, recreation and maintaining public realm for tourists.  
    • Previous employees of ESB Networks or Bord na Móna, involved in electricity production or peat harvesting, planning a new career in tourism. 

  • 3. Do I have to be an applicant for Scheme A, B, C or D to apply to Scheme F?
  • No, you do not need to be an applicant of other schemes to participate in the Learning Network.   

  • 4. What is the duration and time commitment involved for the Learning Network Programme?
  • The programme is designed to be accessed over 18 -24 months (depending on the depth and breadth of your chosen learning pathway),  
    Participants will have access to a simple diagnostic tool, to establish what interventions will best suit their needs. We ask that participants commit to: 
    • Attend the in-person Programme Launch event 
    • Participate in a minimum 2 face-to-face in-person learning days over the two years  
    • Engage with a minimum 3 online learning modules over the two years  
    • Be proactive in networking with fellow participants   

    Participants can choose to access more than the above minimum programme participation requirements, up to an equivalent of €10,000 in training value, in accordance with State Aid Rules for business applicants. See Fáilte Ireland State Aid Rules Handbook

  • 5. What does the Learning Network Programme include and what can I expect from the programme?
  • The programme’s core objective is building participants’ capability in sustainable and inclusive tourism to support and future proof sustainable development in the Just Transition territory.
    • It is designed to provide a blend of flexible learning opportunities for busy professionals using a range of formats including in person face-to-face inspirational events involving key insights and best practice case studies; peer to peer learning and online discussion forums; live interactive applied learning courses and seminars alongside self-paced micro learning modules and tools from the selection of 5 learning pillars. 1. Understanding Tourism 2. Business planning for growth 3. Digital and Technology 4.  Accessible tourism for all 5. Sustainable Tourism practices.
    • Participants must be prepared to commit circa 50 hours over the course of the programme (18 months - 2 years depending on how extensive the learning pathway you choose), reflecting about 50% structured learning time and the remainder self-directed time to apply the learning. 
    • If you wish to access Programme certification you can expect to commit about 90 hours in learning time to the programme, circa 40 hours of structured learning and allowing about 50 hours to implement the learning to your business, job, or career. 

  • 6. If I am a tourism business owner/manager, can staff participate in the learning content?
  • Yes, once you are deemed eligible, you will have the opportunity to discuss the training courses and capability supports content with your staff team.  
    Participants can nominate and refer team members to access various training courses, learning content and tools, so you optimise the capability building across your wider staff team. 

  • 7. How do I apply for the programme and when will I hear if I have been accepted?
  • Our first round of Expression of Interest for the EU Just Transition Tourism Learning Network Programme has concluded. Our next round will re-open in Autumn 2024. If you require any further information please contact

  • 8. How can the Learning Network Programme benefit and support my existing tourism business?
  • The programme is designed specifically to support upskilling and learning for businesses and individuals working in or entering tourism careers in Just Transition territory. 
    As part of the Programme, you will: 
    • Have access to best-in-class insights, expertise and knowledge giving you the confidence to develop your tourism business. This is an opportunity to expand your understanding and application of the latest domestic and international tourism visitor needs and motivations, to develop tourism in your locality.  
    • Grow your understanding and capability in critical areas designed to future proof tourism development such as: sustainable tourism practices; accessible and inclusive tourism for all; building greater digital and online sales and marketing capability to become a business leader in your field in terms of best-in-class tourism development which supports sustainable business growth for the long term. 
    • An opportunity for collaboration and shared experience through peer-to-peer learning with fellow participants to share experiences and good practice in developing your business or your career in tourism. 
    • An opportunity to gain certification on the programme for your business or career and future access to Fáilte Ireland’s marketing promotions to visitors. 

  • 9. How can the Learning Network Programme help me if I’m planning a new tourism business?
  • If you are new to running a business and want to fast track your learning journey in developing your business plan, managing finances and budgets while developing sales and effective marketing strategies for new start-ups, our programme has all the tools and guidance you need in your early years of business start-up and development. 
    While some new tourism business owners may already have experience in the world of business and finance, moving into the tourism sector, requires you to develop an in-depth understanding of the marketplace – from routes to market and sales channels to having the latest insights on the needs and motivations of visitors and nuances in this for various segments and markets.
    New business challenges and opportunities in sustainability and climate action, require proactive measures by businesses and their teams to ensure they are environmentally sustainable, which is important not only for visitors but all citizens and their local communities.  Likewise ensuring you and your team understand and have access to insights and best practice in developing tourism experiences, products and services that are accessible and inclusive for all is vital to future proof your tourism business for success.   

  • 10. How can the Programme support me if I’m transitioning from a career in peat harvesting?
  • For those individuals transitioning to tourism as a career for the first time, our programme offers valuable insights into the world of work and how best to prepare and access new opportunities for rewarding careers in tourism and hospitality.  
    Depending on your areas of interest it will support you build your professional skills in areas like digital and marketing, people management and HR, sales, finance, developing your expertise in accessibility and universal design, in addition to environmental sustainability & climate action - skill areas that are key to future proofing tourism for the future. 
    You will also have opportunities to network with tourism owners and employers to inform your career choices and enhance your awareness and access to future career opportunities.  

  • 11. If accepted on the programme, how will I know what areas of capability to focus on?
  • To support you and help guide your selection of learning areas, from among the 5 Programme learning pillars, you will have access to a tailored online Learning Needs Diagnostic tool  
    you will also have an opportunity to access a 1-2-1 consultation clinic with a member of the Programme team to further inform and guide your final learning pathway in terms of selection of learning pillars, courses, and events.    
    Throughout the course of the programme, based on your learning pathway, you will have ongoing access to the programme team to advise and steer you further about your further learning development options. 

  • 12. Who can I speak to access further information about the Learning Network Programme?
  • Should you wish to speak to a member of the Just Transition Tourism Learning Network Programme, simply contact us at: with details of your queries and a member of our Just Transition programme engagement team will contact you.