September 2020: COVID-19 Consumer Sentiment Behaviour

12 October 2020

People have generally had a good summer in the context of ‘strange times’. In particular, a new appreciation for Ireland and all it has to offer has emerged with consumers feeling more connected to the spirit of the country.

However, moods are in a constant state of flux and are now predominantly in a negative space. People are anxious, tired and apprehensive about what the winter months will bring.

People are reliant on external forces which govern their lives and worry about future lockdowns, moving into Levels 3 and 4, and the possible lack of compliance as some people have become more frustrated and complacent.

Those who are working from home are particular tired and not enjoying solitary work. People have a psychological need for broader social contact and lack of this is wearing them down.

On the positive side, consumers are proud of the way they have adapted and parents, in particular, are delighted that schools have re-opened.

Day trips and short breaks are becoming more important as a way to escape and have fun – although worries about county lockdowns are a barrier to planning. They are more likely to be spontaneous and taken if circumstances allow it.

Download the full report published September 2020 [PDF 220kb]