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    Visitor Attraction Experience Research 2016 [pdf, 2MB]

    Find out more about the research that identified drivers of satisfaction for Ireland’s visitor attractions.

    Regional Tourism Performance in 2016 (Revised March 2018)

    Download Fáilte Ireland's update of regional tourism performance in Ireland in 2016, updated to include revised Domestic Tourism data by the CSO in December 2017.

    Fáilte Ireland - Wider Benefits of Tourist Accommodation [pdf, 363kb]

    A study on some of the community benefits of tourist accommodation. This paper looks at some of the social, economic and wider benefits to local residents, businesses and others from developing tourist accommodation, hotels in particular, within their communities.

    Fáilte Ireland Barometer December 2016 [pdf, 2.5mb]

    The last in Fáilte Ireland’s state of the season surveys for 2016. We review tourism businesses’ views on 2016 and the year to come. Down load the latest tourism barometer to find out more.

    Dublin Accommodation Stock Study - December 2016 Update (pdf, 1114kb)

    The first update of Fáilte Ireland's "Analysis of Visitor Accommodation in Dublin 2015-20" identifies new capacity coming on stream, along with projected demand for tourist accommodation in Dublin.

    Overseas Holidaymakers' Attitudes Survey 2016

    What prompts overseas holidaymakers to choose Ireland, where did they get their information about the country and what did they think of their Irish experience? Find the answers in The Overseas Holidaymakers’ Attitudes Survey 2016.

    Fáilte Ireland tourism barometer September 2016 [pdf, 3.4MB]

    The second in the series of Fáilte Ireland's regular state of the season surveys in 2016 reports that tourism providers have experienced a good 2016 so far. Download the September 2016 tourism barometer to find out more.

    Analysis of visitor accommodation in Dublin 2015-20 [pdf, 1.6MB]

    "Over recent years there has been increasing evidence of an emerging shortfall of visitor accommodation in Dublin that could limit the potential for tourism growth longer term." Find out more in this report on the future of visitor accommodation in Dublin.

    Fáilte Ireland tourism barometer April 2016 [pdf, 3,157kb]

    The first in the series of Fáilte Ireland's regular state of the season surveys in 2016. We explore tourism businesses’ opinions on the season and the coming season. Download the April 2016 tourism barometer to find out more.