May 2021: CP&I – Consumer Update

11 June 2021

Consumer Insights

• The data collected for this report was for the period directly after Government announcements made on April 29th regarding the accelerated easing of Covid-19 restrictions.

• The consumer response to the announcements has been immediate. Intent for travel within ROI in the next 6 months rose significantly (up 7% points from April), as did the proportion of those booking domestic holidays. An influx of those targeting short breaks in July was also noted, signalling consumers are eager to get away.

• Marketing will continue to have a vital role as more than half of those who haven’t yet booked their intended ROI holiday have only just started thinking of destinations, or haven’t started thinking about it at all. The opportunity to influence decision making is now and the category as a whole, needs to take advantage through a continued, sustained marketing presence.

• A little under half (46%) of Republic of Ireland respondents are aware of the Covid-19 Safety Charter. With awareness improving on the back of TV and social marketing activity, the Charter reports to be effective in providing a sense of safety in hospitality settings. This holds particularly true for those who have already booked a domestic trip, displaying its utility, and so trade partners should be further encouraged to participate.


Download the full report published May 2021 [PDF 276kb]